Consecutive Periods Of Loss Of ADL post

Consecutive Periods Of Loss Of ADL

What is meant by “a break between consecutive periods of loss of ADL?” What would happen if a servicemember should again lose the ability to perform two ADL after the break-in consecutive periods of loss of ADL? A detailed answer is under Traumatic Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (TSGLI). It stipulates requirements if the Soldier has …

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Denied TSGLI Claim

Denied TSGLI Claim?

Denied TSGLI Claim? You may be Missing Required Documentation Are you an injured service member and believe your TSGLI claim has been wrongly denied?  Try to gather additional supporting documentation and apply for reconsideration.  However, if your claim is still denied, more detailed documentation that supports your claim may be needed.  So you will need …

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TSGLI Standards for Limb Salvage

TSGLI Standards for Limb Salvage?

What are the TSGLI Standards for Limb Salvage? It’s important to understand what are the TSGLI standards for limb salvage.  Surgery may be an option for members with damaged limbs. In addition, surgery will avoid amputation. This can help in giving the greatest possible degree of function in the affected limb.  And also preserve the …

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Filing your TSGLI Application - PART B

Filing your TSGLI Application – PART B

PART B of Filing Your TSGLI Application is the Medical Professional’s Statement. Completing Part B, Medical Professional’s Statement Part B of the application provides medical information about the Service Member’s losses.  Also it provides information about the medical condition and inability to perform certain activities. When filing your TSGLI application Part B, it MUST be …

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Documentation for TSGLI – PART B

Medical Professionals and Documentation for TSGLI – PART B You will need to keep documentation for TSGLI- Part B organized.  However, keep in mind that Part B of the TSGLI application MUST be complete by a medical professional.  Medical Professionals are essential to ensure that you qualify and receive the TSGLI benefit.  Hence, their assessment …

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TSGLI Application – PART A

Filing your TSGLI Application – PART A To apply for TSGLI benefits, you must use SGLV 8600, Application for TSGLI Benefits.  The application is available from your branch of service or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs insurance website. You and your guardian or power of attorney or military trustee and a medical professional must complete …

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What Are TSGLI Standards

What are the TSGLI Loss Standards?

What are the TSGLI Loss Standards? This article details TSGLI Loss Standards. To be eligible for payment of TSGLI, you must meet all of the following requirements: You must be insured by Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) when you experience a traumatic injury. The applicant must incur a “scheduled loss” and that loss must be …

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Anti Terrorism Act

Anti-Terrorism Act

Wounded in Iraq? You may have rights under Anti-Terrorism Act Veterans, wounded in Iraq, may be eligible for certain benefits under the Anti-Terrorism Act.  A federal lawsuit has been filed by hundreds of U.S.Veterans and military families. Charging five U.S. and European pharmaceutical and medical supply companies.  For allegedly funding Shiite terrorists in Iraq through …

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