Categories of Losses Under TSGLI

Losses Covered Under TSGLI

Categories of Losses Covered under TSGLI

Losses covered under TSGLI are categorized.  These losses must meet the TSGLI standard in order to be eligible for a benefit payment. Read more to learn the varied categories of losses covered under TSGLI.

The TSGLI Procedural Guide lists 9 categories of losses covered.  Complete and detailed explanations are found in the TSGLI Procedural Guide.  We will briefly summarize the 9 categories below.

1.  Sensory Losses – loss of sight, loss of hearing, and loss of speech.

2. Burns

  • If you suffer 2nd degree (partial thickness) or worse burns over 20% of the body including the face and head
  • For those who suffer 2nd degree (partial thickness) or worse burns over 20% of the face only

3. Paralysis

If you suffer complete paralysis due to damage to the spinal cord or associated nerves, or to the brain and the paralysis fall into one these four categories you qualify for TSGLI:

  • Quadriplegia:  paralysis of all four limbs
  • Paraplegia:  paralysis of both lower limbs
  • Hemiplegia:  paralysis of the upper and lower limbs on one side of the body
  • Uniplegia:  paralysis of one limb

4. Amputation

The amputation losses listed on the schedule are hand, fingers, foot, and toes.

5. Limb Salvage

When you opt to save a limb rather that have the limb amputated, you are eligible for a TSGLI benefit for limb salvage. The surgeries typically involve bone and skin grafts, bone resection, reconstructive, and plastic surgeries and often occur over a period of months or years.

6. Facial Reconstruction

If you suffer a severe maxillofacial injury, you are eligible for a TSGLI benefit for facial reconstruction.

7. Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

 Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are the routine self-care activities that a person normally performs every day without needing assistance. The loss of ADL may be due to Coma or Traumatic Brain Injury. 

8. Inpatient Hospitalization

If you are hospitalized as an inpatient for 15 consecutive days as the result of a traumatic brain injury, you may be eligible for payment under TSGLI.

9. Male and Female Genitourinary

The damage and/or loss of the reproductive organs and/or the urinary system are included in your TSGLI benefits.

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