Terms of TSGLI

Terms of TSGLI

Understanding the Basic Terms of TSGLI

There are several key basic terms of TSGLI that form the rules of the TSGLI program.  

External Force

An External Force is a force or power that causes an individual to meet involuntarily with an object, matter, or entity that causes individual harm. There is a distinct difference between an internal force and an external force.   An internal force is a force acting between body parts (e.g., arthritis is an internal force of friction in the bone joints).   An external force is a force acting between the body and the environment.  Including contact forces and gravitational forces as well as other environmental forces.

Traumatic Event

A traumatic event is the application of external force.  This includes:

  • violence
  • chemical, biological or radiological weapons
  • accidental ingestion of a contaminated substance
  • exposure to the elements that cause damage to the body

The event must involve a physical impact upon an individual.  Some examples are:

  • airplane crash
  • fall in the bathtub
  • a brick that falls and causes a sudden blow to the head.

It would not include an injury that is induced by the stress or strain of the normal work effort that is employed by an individual.  Such as straining ones back from lifting a ladder.

Direct Result

A direct result means there must be a clear connection between the traumatic events and the resulting loss.

Traumatic Injury

A traumatic injury is physical damage to your body that results from a traumatic event.

Scheduled Loss

A scheduled loss is a condition listed in the TSGLI Schedule of Losses if that condition is directly caused by a traumatic injury.   The Schedule of Losses lists all covered losses and payment amounts.

Help with TSGLI Benefits

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