TSGLI Excluded Injuries

TSGLI Excluded Injuries

What Injuries are excluded from TSGLI Payment?

It’s important to be aware of TSGLI excluded injuries.  There are several injuries that are not covered under the TSGLI program.

According to the TSGLI Procedures Guide (Version 2.41 January 5, 2018), the Injuries Excluded From TSGLI Payment are:

1) Injuries caused by one of the following:

a) A mental disorder
b) Mental or physical illness or disease.  Not including illness or disease caused by a pyogenic infection, biological, chemical, or radiological weapon.   Also not including accidental ingestion of a contaminated substance.
c) Additionally attempted suicide.
d) As well as intentionally self-inflicted injury or any attempt to inflict such injury.
e) And also diagnostic procedures, preventive medical procedures such as inoculations, medical or surgical treatment for an illness or disease.  Or any complications arising from such procedures or treatment.
f) Finally, the members’ willful use of an illegal or controlled substance, unless administered or consumed on the advice of a medical professional.

2) Injuries sustained while committing, or attempting to commit, a felony.

Any Confusion About TSGLI Benefits?

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