TSGLI Applications

TSGLI Applications

Submitting TSGLI Applications

The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection Program (TSGLI) is administered by the Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI).

To apply for TSGLI Benefits you must submit your completed claim to your branch of service as listed below. You can contact your branch by phone.  Also, contact them by website or email.  Or contact you can even contact them by fax.

Army: (800)237-1336, TSGLI, (502)613-4513

Marine Corps: (877)216-0825, tsgli@usmc.mil, (888)858-2315

Air Force,(800) 433-0048, afpc.casualty@us.af.mil,(210) 565-6271

Navy,(866)827-5672, www.public.navy.mil/TSGLI.aspx,(901)874-2265

Air Force Reserves,(800)525-0102, casualty.arpc@arpc.denver.af.mil,(720)847-3895

Air National Guard,(240)612-9140, ngb.a1ps@ang.af.mil,(703)607-0033

Coast Guard,(703)872-6638, www.uscg.mil/psc/psd/fs/TSGLI.asp,(703)872-6634

Public Health Services,(301)594-2963, compensationbranch@psc.hhs.gov,(800)733-1303

NOAA Corps,(301)713-3444, Director.cpc@noaa.gov,(301)713-4140

So, to file a strong appeal for a denial of TSGLI benefits, first, download the SGLV 8600A TSGLI Appeal Request Form. Then fill it out. But, prior to making use of this form, make sure you refer to the actual denial letter you received from your main branch of service.  Because your notice is going to signify whether you should employ this form when submitting your appeal. And the particular time frame inside which you need to submit your appeal.

The Department of Veterans Affairs SGLI website has more information about TSGLI. Additionally, you will find details about how to make a claim. Also, for legal help in submitting your claim or to appeal a denied claim please call Cameron Firm, PC, at 800-861-7262.   Because we are here to help you.

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