Process TSGLI Claims

Processing TSGLI Claims

How long does it take to review and process TSGLI claims?

What are the procedures to process TSGLI claims?  The U.S. Army Human Resources Command gives detailed information about the TSGLI program for all its service members.

One section covers several FAQs about TSGLI.    One of the frequently asked questions is  “How long does it take to review and process the Traumatic Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) claim?”

According to the Army HRC:

The processing time for an initial or reconsideration level TSGLI claim is 90 business days.  This applies to submissions with a correctly completed application and all required supporting documentation.  The typical processing time may be impacted if the submitted TSGLI claim is incomplete. Or if it contains incorrect information (such as wrong or missing contact information, wrong bank information, or missing claimant or medical provider signatures).  If your claim is at the final appeal level and has to be seen by the TSGLI Army Review Panel the current processing time is approximately one year (365 days).

The claimant should be careful to completely fill out Part A of the TSGLI claim form.  Including providing legible contact information (including mailing and e-mailing addresses), appropriate signatures (e.g., releasing medical documentation, power of attorney if applicable), and legible banking information. The claimant should verify that the licensed medical provider has documented the injuries and claimed losses in Part B, and that the licensed medical provider has signed Part B.

In addition, the claimant needs to provide accompanying medical documentation that is pertinent to the claimed traumatic event that caused the claimed injuries. Such accompanying medical documentation can strengthen the Soldier’s claim for TSGLI benefits.”

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