TSGLI Standards for Limb Salvage

TSGLI Standards for Limb Salvage?

What are the TSGLI Standards for Limb Salvage?

It’s important to understand what are the TSGLI standards for limb salvage.  Surgery may be an option for member’s with damaged limbs. In addition, surgery will avoid amputation.

This can help in giving the greatest possible degree of function in the affected limb.  And also preserve the member’s physical appearance.

Not all limbs can be salvaged. However, the Amputation Prevention Centers of America  estimates that 85% of amputations are preventable. In some cases a partial foot amputation may be performed to spare the limb. These are termed limb-sparing amputations.

They are usually a toe removal or forefoot removal (transmetatarsal) for gangrene or infection. A limb sparing amputation can be a functional alternative to limb loss.

Major Developments

There are many new and major developments in limb reconstruction. Surgeons now have available implants that can be matched to the patient’s attributes.  Such as size, stronger metals, bone and soft tissue allografts (transplants), microvascular and muscle transfer procedures, and bone graft substitutes.

A member may opt to save a limb rather than have the limb amputated.  The member is eligible for a TSGLI benefit for limb salvage if the member meets the following standards:

a) the member undergoes a series of operations designed to save an arm or leg rather than amputate AND

b) a surgeon certifies that the option of amputation of limb(s) was offered to the patient as a medically justified alternative to limb salvage.

TSGLI Benefits available for Limb Salvage

  • Salvage of arm in place of amputation is eligible for a $50,000 TSGLI benefit for each arm.
  • Salvage of leg in  place of amputation is eligible for a  $50,000 TSGLI benefit for each leg.

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