Filing your TSGLI Application - PART B

Filing your TSGLI Application – PART B

Filing your TSGLI Application - PART BPART B of Filing Your TSGLI Application is the Medical Professional’s Statement.

Completing Part B, Medical Professional’s Statement

Part B of the application provides medical information about the Service Member’s losses.  Also it provides information about the medical condition and inability to perform certain activities.

When filing your TSGLI application Part B, it MUST be completed by a medical professional.  Moreover, the medical professional must be a licensed practitioner of the healing arts acting within the scope of his/her practice. There are 7 sections of Part B:

1. Patient Information

The patient information section provides the patient’s name and date of the patient’s injuries.  It also indicates whether the patient is competent to handle his/her own affairs.  Additionally, if the patient is deceased, the medical professional must insert the date, time and cause of death.

2. Inpatient Hospitalization Information

The inpatient hospitalization section should be completed for all patients. In addition the medical professional should give information about the longest period of consecutive days the patient was hospitalized as an inpatient.

3. Qualifying Losses Suffered by Patient

The qualifying losses section lists the TSGLI qualifying losses.  Along with the definition of each loss. Also, the medical professional must determine if the patient’s loss meets the definition given.

4. Other Information

The Other Information section provides additional information about the cause of the patient’s losses. If the medical professional knows that the patient’s losses are due to any of the reasons listed, the medical professional should provide an explanation in the box provided.

5. Medical Professional’s Comments

The Medical Professional’s Comments Section provides any additional information about the patient’s injuries that may be helpful in processing the patient’s claim.

6. Medical Professional’s Information

The Medical Professional’s Information Section provides information about the medical professional completing Part B of the application.

7. Medical Professional’s Signature

Finally, the medical professional must sign this section to certify the medical information provided. The medical professional should also indicate whether Part B was based on observation of the patient’s loss.  Or on a review of the patient’s medical records.

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