TSGLI Application – PART A

Filing your TSGLI Application – PART A

online applyTo apply for TSGLI benefits, you must use SGLV 8600, Application for TSGLI Benefits.  The application is available from your branch of service or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs insurance website.

You and your guardian or power of attorney or military trustee and a medical professional must complete the application.

The TSGLI application has 12 pages and is divided into two parts

  • Part A: Members Claim Information and Medical Authorization
  • Part B: Medical Professional’s Statement

Completing Part A: Member’s Claim Information and Medical Authorization

Part A of the application provides information about your claim. In addition to your legal representative (if applicable.)  It provides payment information.  As well as authorizes the service branch and Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (OSGLI)  to request information about you.

Part A must be completed by you. Additionally, your appointed guardian may complete the task.  Another option would be your power of attorney. Moreover, the military trustee will have the ability to assist you. 

What is a Military Trustee? The TSGLI Procedures Guide defines a Military Trustee:

A military trustee is a fiduciary appointment made by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service at the Department of Defense on behalf of incompetent Servicemembers. Previously, a military trustee had the legal authority to handle only the member’s military pay and allowances. Due to a change in the regulation governing the TSGLI program, the military trustee now can access and choose how to disburse the member’s TSGLI benefit payment. The military trustee must provide an annual accounting of any disbursements, including the TSGLI payment, to DFAS. The trustee would be able to gain access to the Alliance Account after providing written confirmation of his or her appointment by DFAS. The appointment would be verified by the trustee’s submission of DoD Form 2827, titled “Application for Trusteeship”.

Profession Legal Assistance Filing your TSGLI Claim

The Denials and Appeals Process of a TSGLI claim can be stressful with a large amount of red tape. However, our staff has extensive knowledge of the military system and dedicated compassion for all veterans.

Congress established the Traumatic Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (TSGLI). To provide relief to Servicemembers and their Families after suffering a traumatic injury.

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