TSGLI Loss Standards for Burns

TSGLI Loss Standards for Burns

What Are The TSGLI Loss Standards For Burns?

In this post we cover TSGLI Loss Standards for Burns, who is eligible and the rule of 9’s.  In addition examples are provided.

Burns are physically and psychologically devastating. Fortunately, survival and mortality rates have improved substantially as a direct result of medical advancements. However, these advancements include painful medical treatments. After that there are sometimes life long and expensive medical procedures. With survival comes a need for support and information.  These help to cope with the emotional and mental issues that remain with the physical scars.

When a member suffers burns in a traumatic injury, the member is eligible for a TSGLI benefit up to $100,000 if the member meets one of two standards:

  1.  If the member suffers 2nd degree (partial thickness) or worse burns over 20% of the body including the face and head.
  2.  If the member suffers 2nd degree (partial thickness) or worse over 20% of the face only.

The percentage may be measured using the Rule of Nines or any other acceptable alternative.

Burn Percentage in Adults: Rule of Nines

The “rule of nines” assesses the percentage of burn and is used to help guide treatment decisions including fluid resuscitation.  Also it becomes part of the guidelines to determine transfer to a burn unit.

You can estimate the body surface area on an adult that has been burned by using multiples of 9.

Using the Rule of Nines, the percent of an adult body involved in a burn, can be calculated as follows: Rule of Nines Burn Chart

  • Head = 9%
  • Chest (front) = 9%
  • Abdomen (front) = 9%
  • Upper/mid/low back and buttocks = 18%
  • Each arm = 9% (front = 4.5%, back = 4.5%)
  • Groin = 1%
  • Each leg = 18% total (front = 9%, back = 9%)

As an example, if both legs (18% x 2 = 36%), the groin (1%) and the front chest and abdomen were burned, this would involve 55% of the body.

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